The Toyota Prius Adventures from 2016 & More

Toyota Prius Adventure - Prius Camping

The Summer of 2016 was our big season of traveling! Our summer journey took us to all 48 contiguous states beginning with a grueling 24-mile hike from North Rim to South Rim in the Grand Canyon and finishing back home in Laguna Beach the week before Alyssa started teaching again at Orange County School of the Arts. Before we left on our biggest expedition of our married life, we had a lot of preparation to do, both physically and mentally. Did we mention that we mostly lived out of our Toyota Prius?! We wanted to share our adventures with everyone so we created this website where you can see all the stops we made along the 12,000 miles we drove. 

Many of you may have asked or wondered how we were able to do this cross country road trip without working. We can tell you that Skylar is a self-employed web designer who can work remotely and Alyssa is a full-time high school math teacher that gets summers off. As we have mentioned throughout our road trip that we have worked as distributors for It Works! we are happy to have moved on. We have ventured off on our own new business where we can sell Costco-like items that are either better, healthier, cheaper, or all of the above. If you'd like to learn more about our new business venture feel free to call us at (949)463-8748.

Our Ultimate 48 State Road Trip!

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Our Journey to our 50th State!

August 1, 2017

Although we were not able to take our Prius on this journey we still like to think we did take it. Our 50th State visited was the beautiful and majestic state of Alaska. Rather than achieving another long intensive drive to Alaska we took the lazy route with a cruise departing from Seattle. This way […]

Spring Break 2017 – April 9th to 16th

July 29, 2017

Better check the tires Before the trip I had a good feeling to look at the tires since we hadn’t changed them since we bought the car. While inspecting the tires I found that at least one of the tires had worn down past the tread and to the metal wires. So we took the […]

2016 Christmas Vacation with the Caserios

January 9, 2017

After our long and amazing journey across the United States we were not able to travel much due to Alyssa starting teaching again at Orange County School of the Arts. We were thinking of making a trip up to Utah during Thanksgiving break but were forced to stay home when Alyssa signed us up to […]

Highlights of the Expedition

August 30, 2016

To say there was a single highlight of our long journey would be impossible. We saw so much that most people would most likely never see nor visit in their lifetime. We have made a list of some of our key favorites we got to experience on this amazing once-in-a-lifetime road trip. Top Highlights of […]

The Last Day and a Half 8/14 – 8/15

August 15, 2016

We left Becca and Travis’s at 8 a.m. in Portland and drove all day to get to San Francisco. The drive for the most part was luscious green mountains and beautiful. We also got to see Mount Shasta and Lake Shasta. They were both awesome to see and the weather got warmer as we got […]